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Each state has requirements for how often the vehicles in the state should be inspected. Unlike most states, in Maryland you don’t need to get your vehicle inspected regularly. According to Maryland law, you need to get your vehicle inspected if:

  1. Your vehicle is registered in another state and you move to Maryland. After you move, you have sixty days to get your car inspected and your car must pass the inspection.
  2. You are a resident of Maryland and you become the owner of a used vehicle. Even if the vehicle has been previously inspected in the past year, you still have to get it inspected again and obtain a Maryland Safety Inspection dated no more than ninety days before the registration date.

You need to get your vehicle inspected from certified safety inspection stations in Maryland. Town & Country Auto Repair in Eldersburg is one of those authorized stations.

What does a Maryland safety inspection entail?

The following is a comprehensive list of what is checked during a Maryland state vehicle inspection:

  1. Obtain vehicle identification number and odometer reading.
  2. Inspect steering for condition of the steering wheel, power steering, steering column, and linkage.
  3. Inspect wheel alignment for toe reading and rear wheel alignment and axle. 
  4. Inspect brakes for condition of stopping distance, parking brake function, mechanical linkages, hydraulic system, linting and pad condition, and drums and discs.
  5. Inspect suspension for condition of shock absorbers, wear bearing, anti-sway bar, king pin, springs, ball joint wear, and spindle bolt.
  6. Inspect wheels for condition of camber, caster, lugs, studs, and nuts. 
  7. Inspect condition of tires, tire type, tire size, and tread depth.
  8. Inspect fuel system for condition of the fuel tank and check for proper operation of the accelerator, choke, and hand throttle. Also make sure the fuel tank has no leaks 
  9.  Inspect the electrical system for proper function and condition of the horn, wiring and switches, battery cables, and neutral safety switch.
  10. Inspect the exhaust system for condition of the manifold, resonator, the tail piping, and muffler.
  11. Inspect bumpers for condition, including for height and proper mounting.
  12. Inspect fenders, including coverage and mounting of wheels and tires.
  13. Inspect lighting for condition and function of all original equipment lighting and whatever added lights were added
  14. Inspect condition of mirrors to include unobstructed view of both outside and inside mirrors when required.
  15. Inspect windshield wipers for satisfactory operation and condition of arms and blades.
  16. Inspect doors, hinges, handles and latches for condition and proper function.
  17. Inspect floors and trunk for holes or rusted out and weakened conditions in floor or truck pan.
  18. Inspect driver’s seat for condition, presence, and mounting.
  19. Inspect safety belts for presence, condition, mounting and operation.
  20. Inspect vehicle glazing for proper materials used for specific locations, operation of driver window, damage, and tinting. 

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State Inspections

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